FIC: Of Arias and High Sticking (18/?)

Title: Of Arias and High Sticking

CH 18: In the Cards

Pairing: Jane/Maura

Rating: T

Summary: With Angela coming around, Maura feels pressure to tell Constance about her relationship with Jane.



Disarray. Angela sat in the center of a circle of boxes. There was no telling where Frank had stored them all these months but it had been somewhere damp. Several of the boxes sagged, their weakened sides threatening to burst and spill their contents. The few she had opened indicated no care had been taken in their handling either. The contents were jumbled and tossed. She figured it would take the better part of the entire day to sort through them all, take out what she wanted, repack the rest and toss anything not salvageable from the water damage.

Angela turned as Maura knocked lightly on the door and poked her head in. “Are those the boxes you wanted from Frank?”

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